Monday, June 29, 2015

Saturday @ the cabin

57  F Cloudy  a little wind.
This is from Saturday, June 27th.
Hope and I were up, staying over at the cabin on 6th Lake on the way to Hope's week at overnight camp. It was nice, if not a little chilly on Saturday, and I was able to paint  a little.

There was light in the bay and it was a nice golden color that contrasted with the light off the lake.

This is how I paint, weather it works or not.

It's often not as easy as it sounds to "paint what you see"

Here is where I ended up, the light was out of the bay, I wished it stayed longer.

#553  6th Lake, Intet.



The scene at the start.

I went out today, late but I forgot my camera,I thought I was talking cell phone pictures but......

#554  King Rd. @ Wright Rd.



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