Monday, June 8, 2015

Stage Rd.:what's not green?

70  F  a little sun through the overcast.
I was expecting a rainy day, so when the sun peeked through, I got out.

#542 Stage Rd.



I like finding a spot under a tree.

The recently plowed field was bright too.

But every story ends with green in the here and now.

Here is where I ended up.

This was the scene at the start, yes, the black dot on the right is Ollie.

It started out pretty bright, but the sun became filtered by some moisture that moved in. I naturally find myself seeking shade.

Sight-size shot. This is the essence of sight-size, comparing the scene with the painting, starting with the "most different" thing, (that's why I usually start with the sky) and continually correcting your painting to look like the scene.

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