Thursday, June 4, 2015

Two rivers: one day!

72  F  sun with a few clouds, calm.

Ollie really wanted to come this morning, but after a swim, and greeting a few bikers in the parking lot, he got bored.

#538 Battenkill @ Eagleville



My scene at the start.
The day started cloudy, and I was too sore to dig post holes, (my next "other" work task), so I was pleased when the sun came out.

There was a lot of bright light on my subject, and a little dappled light on  my panel.

There is something soothing watching water.

Today's "Money Shot".

We've been to this place a lot, it's hard to beat.

My pallet.

Eagleville Rd, Shushan, NY.

I had the opportunity to paint at the end of the day.

Sky and water.

I'm drawn to places like this, although I'm on a pull-off on fast-moving Rt, 4 between Mechanicville and Stillwater, on the West side of the Hudson.

The sun illuminated the piers for a few minutes in the middle of my session. The same thing happen last Thursday when I was painting a bridge on the Hudson.

Here is where I ended up.

#539 Hudson River from Rt, 4, Stillwater



The light changed a number of times.

Today's "Money Shot"

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