Saturday, July 11, 2015

Olana Day 2 x 5

84  F  sunny, with a few clouds
I did 5 paintings yesterday, this was the 4th one, and the one (I think) I will submit for judging and the auction.

#565  Mt Marino from Quarry Hill



There is so much prettiness everywhere I had to find something real.

 The scene.

Across rte 9G a Stewart's.

The first painting of the day, overlooking the orchard.

#562  Olana, orchard view.



The scene.

Here is how it started, but this post is too huge so I'll leave it here.

This was taken by my now "real" fiend Greg Summers,  OK so maybe I could stand to loose a pound or two.....

Second painting for the day;  I liked the landscape framed by the trees and barn.

#563  Olana view from farm.



For this size I have no frame on me, so I can't enter it, oh well.

Another big view, this is foo the back of the main house y the service entrance.

#564 Olana from service door.



"Money Shot"  of #564

Just before sunset, I figured I'd head back up the hill for one last quick paint:

#566  Olana sunset from path.


I'm not sure exactly how this happened.

The last scene of this, the 2nd day,  you can see my painter friends by the house, and otherwise the scene poses certain challenges, but had some teeth.

So there it is, 5 paintings.  Today I wanted to find an off campus river view, and turn in my painting, not necessarily in that order, tonight is the judging and auction, tomorrow is the "tent sale". Alane will be here tonight too!

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