Friday, July 3, 2015

Painting in a painting

72  clear
It was a georgeous day, I got out twice!

#557 Brownell Corners Rd.



It's been a crazy busy week, and I could not blog everything!  Here looking west at sunset.

I've done this scene before, but my favorite tree is gone.

The road.

Telephone poles and signs.

My scene at the start.

Sight-size shot.

I got new magnetic signs!

This is the same scene,

#183 Brownell Corners Rd.



Earlier in the day, I found this spot, it's at a dam over the Battenkill in the Village of Greenwich.  I had painted the dam from the top of the embankment on the other side, where route 29 goes by, so I'm painting in a painting.

The thing with the brightly dappled light on my panel........

Sometimes I find scenes like this and there's almost too much stuff in it.

The edge of the water is read in the reflection.

I often try to just paint, because I don't have a handle on it.

This is where I finished.

#556 Battenkill @ Greenwich



The scene at the end.

The "Money Shot"

My spot, about 100 yards off a very quiet dead end street.

I was right on the other side of the dam today.

Thursday, I forgot my camera, again, this is what I brought home.

#555 View from County Route 61



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