Monday, August 10, 2015

Adirondack Weekend, and Salem Village.

85  F w/ big clouds.
We went up to 6th Lake on Friday, for fun and to get Emma back from camp, Saturday afternoon I painted this out back of the cabin.

#595  Outback, 6th Lake rd.



I thought this would be a cool scene to do, set my panel up and started to paint before I realized there was very little to grab, but it's challenging, just how to organize a scene like this and I'm sure I'll be working on more similar scenes.

Sunday morning I went a few feet farther out back to the beaver pond.

Although more straightforward than the previous day, there is no sky, just light on the forest and it's reflection, both constantly changing.

There were a lot of things to love about this scene.

Here is where I ended up.

#596 Beaver pond, Intet, NY.



Sight-size shot.

Money Shot.

We got back late last night, tired I got up to Salem, and found this along the tracks in the village.

I liked the far hills that are visible through the old RR bed.

It was hot, sunny but not that humid, and I set up under the hatch of the van.

Salem is a quiet village, and has some cool old RR buildings.

There were a lot of telephone poles too.

#597  Thomas St. Salem.



My scene at the start.

There was so much light, it was blinding.

The "Money Shot" from today.

This Saturday the Salem2Salem exhibit opens, marking then end of the exchange, it's been a wonderful time so far, hard to believe it's winding down.....

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