Thursday, August 13, 2015

Old Cambridge Rd, in the rain, sunset on SAW Hill.

80  F  Some sun some rain.
It was afternoon before I got out, by that time some large rain clouds had moved in.

#601  Old Cambridge Rd.



I'm just about out of panels, and my paint is low.....

I spent a lot of time waiting for the rain to stop, then it started again.

I've been here before, the scene composes itself!

I paint until I don't think I'm improving it, even if they might look half-baked, at least they are never over-worked.

The scene toward the end, the cows moved in a line from the road to the pond.

My spot, dry under my van.

This is Salem Art Works, a few of my fellow exchange artists put on a show in their trailer, they arranged paintings, drawings, sculpture, inside, and there was singing and a reading. This is what I love about Salem2Salem: FUN!

There had been a bunch of running around before the opening, and so I ducked out early and went up the hill.

The hill faces North, the sun sets West,  so the light is raking over and from the side, it was quick.

#602  SAW hill



By the time I took the Money Shot, the light was gone.

There were some spectacular colors just at the last bit of light, I did this.

#603 view from barn 2



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