Sunday, August 23, 2015

Thanks for the visit! #604 & 605

79  F  sunny, humid.
I want to thank all those that visited me and my fellow Cambridge village artists over the weekend!
This is from last week, installation day, just before  Salem2Salem ended, I needed something to illustrate this post. So I went from an international exchange to a neighborhood open studio, both wonderful to be a part!

#604  S. Main St, Salem, NY



Yesterday and today was the Cambridge Valley Fine Art Tour, I had a lot of visitors over the weekend, and sold 3 paintings.  I had a lot of lovely conversations with a lot of people,  some fellow artists came as well as art collectors, and people that love the local landscape.   I was surprised by how many people I had previously connected with on-line and was meeting in
person for the first time. Or people I know in this small town but who hadn't seen my work. Overall, a successful weekend in every way.  It was also exhausting. I'm an introvert and while I love to talk about art and my hometown, it definitely takes it's toll. So I haven't painted in over a week, how did that happen? oh well, I've still got a lot of things to do, panels to make, a washing machine to buy,  porch boards to replace, bla bla bla, so I'll pick up where I left off and finish this blog post about the last two paintings before Salem2Salem ended, and try and get to a place where I have some type of a predictable schedule.

I'm drawn to the places where trees are cut out to let the power lines through, and this particular one called me to it, although I think I should have been across the street, a few feet can make a big difference.

I'm in a shady spot and have a dark panel, both are good.

South Main Street in Salem is also route 22, and has a lot of truck traffic, and although the speed limit is 30 mph, it's frightening to paint so close to this road.

There were a lot of cool shadows.

Here is where I ended up.

The "Money Shot"

On Saturday, last week I did this before the opening of the Salem2Salem exhibit.

This is S.A.W., barn 2.

The truck is Laurie O'Brian's project.

Here is where I stopped.

#605  SAW, barn 2



You know what this is!

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