Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The countdown...3 more days Salem2Salem!...painting #600...

80  F  some clouds, some sun, some rain....
This morning I went out driving aimlessly around with the vaguest of notions, I found this scene.

#599 Juniper swamp Rd. @ Cross Rd. Salem, NY.



I spend a fair amount of time looking, often it feels aimless, but it's not, I'm looking for a scene that has something I can work with, contrasts, subject, not too little not too much, something to grab.

I loved the dark right in front, with the bright light on the field immediately behind it, then the mountains in the distance.

Shadows seem to drain the color right out.

The "Money Shot" from the morning.

A triangle surrounded by dirt, what could be better than that.

After lunch, I wanted water, and I wanted something......I came strait here.

I left out a few photos......

There were two warm rain showers while I was here, a nice rain, followed by sun.

This is the scene at the start, it would change many times in the 2 hours I was here.

The "Money Shot"

The river is low, so I had this bit of sand and weeds to paint from.

Back @ SAW.

#600  Battenkill @ Center Falls.



I rained much of the day yesterday, I got out late and found this before I lost too much light....

All of the things that happen in the late, late light, `like the rapid changes, the washing out of color, even the camera freaks out.

There are certain stretches of road that have a little magic along their routes, this is one of them.

The "Money Shot"

#598  O'Donnell Hill Rd.



I paint them let them go, often I'm not thrilled, often there are fatal flaws, but there it is.

My wall so far, I brought up all the German paintings, they are lying around, waiting to be incorporated in the show that opens on Saturday. Many of my friends who call the Bodensee region their home recognize the places in the paintings and smile, that makes me happy.

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