Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Yesterday, around Salem, NY......

84  F  sun, some clouds.
I'm a little behind in blogging and other stuff, but I got three paintings done yesterday and two today, not that that's a lot, nor that their necessarily good.....

#589  Battenkill @ Skellie Rd.



I went to a favorite spot in the morning.

It's been just perfect weather the last few days,

I told myself not to put the trees smack in the center.....

My scene stayed reasonably the same for me.

A little glare on the sight-size shot.


After lunch I found this spot on my way back to Cambridge.

I liked this scene, I've been in the neighborhood a number of times.

I'm generally apprehensive about having the foreground unbroken across the bottom of the panel, but I still do it.

Here is where I ended up.

#590 Cambridge-Battenville Rd. (nr, Tabor rd.)



The "Money Shot" of #590

My spot, Ollie found a convenient location to lay down.

I made dinner for my family and went out before I lost the light.

The sun was moving fast....

The light starts to play tricks on you about this time.

This is where I ended up, the clouds had just changed their illumination and they looked amazing, not sure if it worked

#591 Newman Rd, Shushan.



My scene at the start.

"Money Shot"  from #591

I'm blogging from SAW, I had forgotten my camera today. and got some very bad cell phone photos that I'll try and post tomorrow.

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