Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Saratoga Springs Public Library is up!


I Installed a show of 22 paintings and 8 of the "Money Shot" photographs.

I had some technical difficulties with the bar and hook system, we'll have to address them tomorrow.

I wanted to include some small works as well.

One of the things I use the blog for is to document what I have out in the world, so I'll bore you with this.

RR bridge over the Hudson @ Ft. Edward, NY.

If you're near Saratoga the library is a great resource and it's centrally located @ 49 Henry St.

here is their web site:


This space is in a hallway, and it was busy today!

I didn't have enough hooks so I jerry-rigged some hooks, but they slip down the rods!

 That's it!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

County Route 74a

65  F  sunny!

I went out, looking for something, not this, but there it was and it worked.

#629  County Rte. 74a



Here is my scene at the start. the subject is a real working farm, and there was a lot of activity with cows, tractors and trucks moving about.

I got the sky in, but the foreground was elusive, there were places that had color but mostly washed out.

Money Shot.

My spot.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Around the corner; afternoon (de)light.

67  F  sunny
I could have walked to this spot.(this was yesterday, I forgot my camera today).

#627  Coila Rd.



Not long after noon, the light starts to make long dark shadows.

It was early enough so the shadows didn't move too quickly, so nice to have bright light and dark shade.

Here is where I ended up.

Here is my scene, I'm on the front yard of the Grange Hall. The corner is Rte 372 & Coila Rd, and becomes West Main St.1/4 mile west and not much farther to my house. It's a busy road, and it was nice to paint near but not right on it.

Sight-size shot.


This is from Friday, 9-25-15 finally getting this here so I remember it!

#628  English Rd.



Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Buskirk near sunset

64  F  clear

#626  Hoosic River @ Buskirk Bridge



I pretty much came right here.  I had done this scene a little while ago and it  was recently re-posted, so I was thinking about it.  As I drove up I could see the mirror-like reflection on the water and the bright light on the abutment, and knew I'd need to be quick.

I started with the brightest. warm light, It would not last.

I worked the most different things in order: the sky (next in value), followed by the water reflection.  After the three lights, I did the darkest (greens),then the dark red (but lighter than the green).

By this time the light was off the abutment, and I was faking it.

This is where I ended up, I worked too long after the light changed, the loss of the brightest light, doesn't just remove that item, it changes all the other values in the scene, so everything is different, even the perception of drawing.

The "Money Shot".

My pallet.

My spot.

This is the view up the river the other way.The drama of light and shade create unexpected patterns, infinite in variation and always changing.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Meetinghouse Rd.

68  F  sunny!

Today's "Money Shot".

#625 Meetinghouse Rd.



I often don't know what I'm looking for when I go out, sometimes I think this place is so picturesque, it's fantasyland, and want some grit, not so easy to find.

This type of composition is very familiar to me, I seem to be able to find them anywhere.

Often there are times when I'm totally lost and don't have a way out, that happened.

Here is where I ended up.  Somehow I think it came together.

This is the scene at the start, it was just before 5, so I had plenty of time to fuss with it, and maybe that worked, and the scene improved with longer shadows.

Here is the sight-size shot.

My spot.

This is looking the other way.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Reafield Farm Rd. with cows

75  F  some clouds

It was another picture perfect day, and I went out in the morning looking for a harvest scene, but found this one instead.

#624  Reafield Farm Rd.




I generally shy away from compositions with an un-interrupted
horizontal line, and a large open field in the foreground, but the barn grouping was worth the attempt.

I was closing in on it, when I was surprised by some visitors.


Of course they payed my no regard as they were in constant motion, I threw on some black and white paint in the pattern that I thought I saw for a moment or two, and that's what I got.

This was the scene at the start.

Today's "Money Shot"

My pallet.

My spot, I also had a visit from a human friend, which was nice.