Saturday, September 12, 2015

A bridge over the Battenkill, Shushan, NY.

78  F  sunny to cloudy
The morning had some nice light, and I got out in it before the clouds came.

#619  Route 61 Bridge, Shushan



My panel was away from the sun and even more shaded by the lift gate of my mini-van, and this makes the color/ tone much different than what I'm looking at.

I love shadows that cross roads, and zig-zags. This had both.

There were also some nice dark areas, of course this is as much a function of the bright back light.

The greens are really changing, I remiss in not painting since Monday, and everyday the wold changes.

Here is the scene from the start.

The "Money Shot".

Today's pallet, a brand new piece of plexiglass.

My spot.

I spent much of the week re-building a porch, and starting the kids back on their school schedule.  I like doing carpentry, but it's time consuming and exhausting, but it's done, and I painted

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