Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A sun set and a tree cut: #617 & 618

92  F  sunny, hazy.

The sun goes down earlier and earlier, this was Sunday.

#617  Conley Rd.



It's a great spot, but wide open, with a large expanse of fields and a ditch,  so it's a challenge.

The colors left when the light started to heighten.

The scene at the start.

Here is the scene at the end, pretty impossible.

My spot, a nice wide area, on a dirt road.

I got out earlier yesterday, this is down on Turnpike Rd.

I'm looking North, and the sun is low to the West, but my scene has some nice contrasts, the sky is bright and much of the foliage is in shadow.

There was more road than I had intended.

Here is here I ended up, I still had light, although the bright spots on the ground were getting small.

#618 Turnpike R. @ Shunpike Rd.



The "Money Shot"

My spot, a paved town road, the traffic moves a little fast, but it's not too bad.

School started today, and it's been wall-to-wall, stuff and more stuff, so if I can paint I'll paint, if I must I'll blog when I can, thanks for being patient.  As always feel free to comment and ask questions. The blog has grown up a lot since I started it in January, 2013 and all things change, but I don't know how or what those changes will look like over time.

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