Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Cape Cod!!!!!!

90  F  bright, hazy
We've had a whirlwind trip, a wedding, a visit with my folks, 2 college visits, swimming in the ocean, and I finally got some painting in.

This is Wellfleet harbour, about 12 noon.  The light bright and it was hazy, but it wasn't too hot, so I went down on the floating dock.

The world here is so different than home, hardly any green!, I put some red in the sky, I didn't pack alizarin crimson, I had cadmium medium, I don't know why I did that.

When I started The water was totally calm, about 1/2 way through it wasn't.

#609 Wellfleet Harbour



Here is my spot, the large cabin cruiser had pulled in, and I just gave up.

I wanted to travel light, so I didn't bring all my big tubes of paint and ended up with this pallet.

I wandered around the harbor on foot, there were some people around, but it wasn't crowded. I had a free parking space,  and finding places to paint can be tricky down here with very narrow roads.

The color of the haze seemed to change in front of my eyes. and as well the reflection off the water.

This came together right away, proving my point that if it's a go,  I know early.

#610 View of Wellfleet pier



This is the scene.

Here is the "Money Shot".

Painting is the new fishing!  (except not on a floating dock).

More haze, my pallet went from one haze to the next, and I used the previous haze to mix and add on the next.

The first few paintings (in a place I've been, and painted, but little and infrequent) are a daunting task; my take on color and light is honed by reacting and correcting, so it's like get the first few down, then start.

I got this far, and thought it was OK, so I stopped.

#611 Ballston Beach, Truro, MA



Another day at the beach.

The late afternoon "Money Shot".

This is the sign at the beach. we saw lots of gulls and seals, but no sharks.

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