Sunday, September 13, 2015

Delavan Rd: milk and apples

75  F  some clouds, some sun.
I went to White Creek, with the idea I could do some shopping: milk, apples, meat, and cider, all the best from farms and people I know, what could be better than that?

#620  Delavan Rd.



There was a lot of green, and it had to be moderated, a lot.

There were some nice shadows, on a day I thought was going to be all rainy, a bonus day!

Here is where I ended up. I've done this scene before, and tripped up on the huge expanse of green, I think I put it in it's place today.

Here is my scene at the start, you can't get any more pastoral than this. If you turn to look in any direction there is a painting.

The "Money Shot"

My spot.

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