Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pamet Harbor, Truro, MA

81  F  hazy & humid
This is Pamet Harbor, a walk down the street from our friends' place in Truro, on the cape.

#612 Pamet Harbor



I thought I was going to look at some boats, moored in the harbor, but I ended up looking into the Pamet River.

That sand color is, along with the haze, like the greens of upstate, very illusive.

I need to do at least 100 of these before I could even grasp it.

I didn't put that boat in.

I'm next to the boat launch, the tide is coming in, slowly, and the sun is very bright.

It seems I'm always near fishing places, I don't have patience to fish, but I like water.

I retreated down the road, to a nice shady spot, there was enough room along the edge, which isn't common on the cape.

 Here is where I ended up.

#613 Depot Rd. Truro, MA



My scene.

My spot.

"Money Shot" of  #613.

This is our friends' garden.

I didn't think it was so dark.

The bugs came out, and my 15 minutes was over.

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