Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Saratoga Springs Public Library is up!


I Installed a show of 22 paintings and 8 of the "Money Shot" photographs.

I had some technical difficulties with the bar and hook system, we'll have to address them tomorrow.

I wanted to include some small works as well.

One of the things I use the blog for is to document what I have out in the world, so I'll bore you with this.

RR bridge over the Hudson @ Ft. Edward, NY.

If you're near Saratoga the library is a great resource and it's centrally located @ 49 Henry St.

here is their web site:


This space is in a hallway, and it was busy today!

I didn't have enough hooks so I jerry-rigged some hooks, but they slip down the rods!

 That's it!

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