Wednesday, October 14, 2015

2 days two studies.

65  F  mostly clouds some sun.
The weather is starting to change, and I've been wanting to take advantage of any good painting hours that I can.  This is yesterday's paint, it's in front of a rental house we own just 5 houses down the street from ours, this tree turns yellow every year, and this year I was determined not to miss it.

This is my scene, I'm in the village (of Cambridge) and I would have prefered to have been a little farther back, but that was not possible.

Starting with the darks.

I'm calling these studies, because I'm trying to get the brightness of the light on the leaves.  I think if I can get a hundred of these maybe I'll start to get a handle on it.

The brightness is dependent on everything else, and how all the other stuff is handled, nothing exists without the other.

This is where I left it.

#642  W. Main St.



My spot.  I've spent a lot of time working on this house, why not paint here?

This is my workshop. I liked the light coming through the window inside as well as above and to the right.

The clouds were on the move this afternoon, one minute bright light, the next cloud cover.

I worked a bit on it while the clouds were out, that never works.

I had gone inside because of the clouds, they left and I ran back out, of course the sun was much lower by then.

Still if you squint, the block building is much darker in comparison to the brightness of the sun on the leaves.

Today's Money Shot.

#643  Workshop



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