Friday, October 30, 2015


45  F  mostly sunny.
I ended up here, at the passenger station in Cambridge.

#649  Rail Station Cambridge, NY.



I've been feeling like I've neglected my own little village, there are plenty of good scenes, and I could have walked (I didn't).

When I started the foreground was bright green, a condition that changed rapidly.

There was a lot to love about the light on the grass and buildings. Defining that light seemed to be the third most important thing to get.

The large shadow of the old hotel encroached on the foreground in a big way, so I put it in.

By the time I got a start on changing the foreground, it changed again, but there it was and I had to fake it in, trying to remember what it looked like, just a few minutes before.

The "Money Shot"

Sometimes the farmer's market is here but there hasn't been passenger service for a long time, otherwise very quiet.  I had one visitor, she said hi and told me she followed this blog! I'm always happy to have a visit, so if you see me out there stop and say Hi!

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