Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

35  F  clear.
It was just over 20 F, and sunny when I woke up this A.M. I got out and it had warmed up nicely, with sunshine and no wind.

#650  County Rte. 62



The silhouette of the barn against the sky was the first most different thing, so that's why it happens first.

 The road and foreground are pretty light, maybe just a little darker than the sky.

With the sun still low, the side of the barn was very dark, I wanted to emphasize that, even though the rising sun would lighten and give color to it.

 Details can be vexing, some are necessary, others are extraneous, discovering that is it.

The blackness of this barn struck me as it's size and shape, (I'm a little far back)  Many years ago, as a general carpenter I worked on this building.

Sight-size shot.

My pallet.

Halloween came and went with the usual parade of costumes, kids, candy, was good that I walked around with all that candy in me.

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