Tuesday, October 20, 2015

McCart Rd.,with friends,yesterday.

47  F  some wispy clouds.

This is a quiet composition, the road, the far hill, the telephone pole.

#645 McCart Rd.



My scene.

I'm starting on a pretty dark tone.

The colors are very muted, but the green of the foreground field wasn't, there were also touches of very bright light yellows on a few trees.

There are almost always bright highlight bouncing off things like grass, or the road, even if they're small.

Sight-size shot.

Money Shot.

A nice quiet spot, I had a visitor; Thomas E. Moses, a painter and the great-grandchild of Anna Mary Robertson Moses, aka: Grandma Moses, who painted in these same hills not that long ago. Here is an interesting article about his work:  http://www.benningtonbanner.com/artsweekend/ci_8311604

At the same time, a fellow painter and friend, Stella Erlich, was painting just a few hundred yards down the road, she's an awesome person and painter and her web site is here:http://stellaehrich.com/.

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