Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Over my head, literally and metaphorically.

51 F, light wispy clouds.
I went out in the morning, and found a great scene that included a whole bunch of power lines with birds sitting on them, but the foreground was way over my head.

#648 Oak Hill Rd.



There wasn't a lot of contrasts or color for that matter, but there was a great composition with diagonal lines.

The first few shapes say the most.

The light changed, but not by much at this time of day.

Sight-size shot.

I couldn't get a grip on the foreground.

Money Shot.

My spot.

After I set up, I looked this way and thought this would be good too

Here are some photos of my roof project.

This was the end of the day yesterday, I've lucked out on the weather.


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