Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Red tree on Duel Hollow Rd.

64  F  some clouds.
I've been wanting to subject the color of the most dramatic trees, but it's not in my compositional nature. I've painted this scene many times at different times of the year, the red tree was like a little gift.

#636 Duel Hollow Rd. near King Rd.



My scene, the photo doesn't do justice to the saturation of the colors, but you can see how I set up, so I see the scene next to the panel.

I started with the darks, maybe because they looked the "most different"

The greens were saturated as well and competed with the reds.

I really didn't want to be looking into the sun, but there it was, here the sight-size shot.

The Money Shot, I photoshoped it but it's a tough one.

My pallet, end of session, day two.

My spot.  I'll often park then walk around a bit to find what I think is the best scene. Sometimes there are many in one place, this had some nice compositional qualities and very good contrasts.

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