Thursday, October 15, 2015

RR bridge over the Battenkill, Greenwich, NY.

61  F  sun with a few high clouds.
I can't resist my favorite steel truss bridge, there is a little color in that yonder tree, no?

#644 Barber Ave. Greenwich, NY.



I think this is my 3rd (4th) time painting this bridge.


I know I say to paint the "most different thing, but the trusses put holes in that rule. I'm trying to get the background stuff in before I do the bridge.

There is a level of complexity that is way above my ability.

Here is the "Money Shot".

I task myself to speak to the season, the foliage, but I like bridges, and I like what they do to the composition and all other aspects of the work, who cares if it won't sell?

#477 Barber Ave, Greenwich



#233 Trestle Bridge, Greenwich.



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