Saturday, October 10, 2015

Springfield, the "other" Vermont.

43 F, A.M.  cloudy 58 F, P.M.
This was my morning paint in Springfield, Vermont, for "Wet Paint Live" where I was a demonstrating painter. Here is their web site:

#638  Black River, River St. (Rte 11) Springfield, Vt.



Here is the scene at the start, bright early, clouds, then clearing again.  This spot is front and center, right between the main road and the Black River.


The scene had issues other than the clouds, so much of the stuff was in the areas of dark, so many subtly different hues.

There was something that seemed to describe the town in this: the water, the mills, the steeple, the smoke stack. The fall colors are there but they are not the subject.

I'm glad I wasn't dead.

The "Money Shot"

In the afternoon I found this scene, it's the other side of the mill in the morning painting, it's also the other side of Vermont, a relic of a mill and a life long gone, waiting for redemption.

#639 Park St. Springfield, Vt.



There was something about the light and shadows patterning on the old mill, the steep downhill road and the light bouncing off the buildings across the river, but I got in over my head in the lights and darks on the building.

This was directly across the street.

this is my spot, I'm in front of an old Elementary school circa 1895, the building is now unoccupied.

I had a great time, as a demonstrating artist, I met a lot of nice people, and got to paint in a place I might not have

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