Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunset, and roofing.

51 F  mostly cloudy.
I've been roofing, actually tearing off an old roof, the new one starts going on tomorrow.  I've been tired and sore: no paint.  I went out today and the light was delicious, fast, and delicious.

Here is the scene close to the start, the clouds would block all the sun every few minutes.

20 minutes later.....

15 minutes after that, not only is the area of light reduced, but the light is warmer, and the shadows cooler.

Here is what I did.

This is close, I started trying to chase the rabbit, and that just makes a mess!

The Money Shot.

#647 Carney-Cassidy Rd.



 There is still some color around, a lot really, but tomorrow I'll be putting on a roof, and we need a roof (it's over my gallery/storeage area), but maybe I can steal out for a paint, we'll see.


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