Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Turnpike Rd. with a little history.

55 F  clearing at sunset.
It was cloudy all day, by the mid afternoon a little sun peaked through the clouds, so I thought I'd venture out.  It took me a long time to find this, at that time there was all cloud cover.

#646 Turnpike Rd.



This was the scene at the start.

This is the scene in the middle.

Much of the work is done before I put any paint down, That is to say I do a lot of looking, and finding my composition in the world. By the time I get this far, The biggest and most important things in the painting are there.

The subtle greys, greens and oranges were elusive, they kept changing on me!

Sight-size shot.

Money Shot.

Turnpike Rd. is a fast moving and a little busy this time of day, but I wanted the corn fields, and when the light hit that corn, it rewarded me.

I was in front of this place, which as you can see has a lot of history to it, the house had burned down decades ago, but the place is still historically significant in the battle of Bennington, which was fought a few miles to the South East, and was significant in the lead up to the surrender of the British forces in Saratoga a few months later.

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