Sunday, October 4, 2015

Wellman Farm day 2: the light returns.

58  F  sunny, calm
Hope and I went to Wilmington, Vermont to wrap up the open studio at the Wellman Farm.

#634  Wellman farm, barns.



 When the sun hits the orange-yellow trees it's magic.

There were complexities with this scene that I wasn't ever to get a hold on.  I'm usually able to deal with lots of things and simplify, that didn't happen here , I don't know why.

The light got more intense as the session went on, and that made the contrasts increase, but it was hard to chase.

The "Money Shot " from today.

My spot.

The farm has lots of fantastic places to paint, and the owners are wonderful, they've created a place with a great vibe. I didn't sell anything, but it didn't matter, because it was such a nice experience.

While I painted Hope helped make cider with one of our hosts, and we were sent home with fresh cider and apples, yum!

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