Saturday, October 3, 2015

Wellman Farm. Wilmington Vermont, wind and clouds.

53  F  windy and overcast.

I went over to wilmington Vermont today to be part of the open studios of Vermont event though I don't live there, I do paint under the same sky, so maybe that counts.

#632  Creek @ wellman Farm, Wilmington, Vt.



I'm not thrilled by the grey skies, who is?

I liked the light off the creek and the bit of sky I got in the composition.

I ended up fussing with it a lot after I got it to here, much of the brightest color are waiting until most everything else s mostly in.

Sight-size shot.

This event is state-wide, and I think the lousy weather kept everyone away, only a few visitors came. That was OK, because there was a nice bunch of painters and a mellow place to paint, and it's just about an hour from my house.

Later in the afternoon I painted this tree.

#633 Tree at Wellman Farm



The fall is the only time I make portraits of trees, they ask for it.

There is a surprising amount of subtle color at this time of year.

The entrance to Wellman Farm.

The hosts have a beautiful barn where we put work up, here is my folding wall of paintings.

These are the two I did today, I'll go back tomorrow and maybe some more visitors will come, the weather is forecast to improve!

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