Monday, November 30, 2015

Claflin School reunion, Center Cambridge Rd.

40  F  partly cloudy

             This is Center Cambridge road, just before Center Cambridge,  like usual it took me a while to settle on this spot.  but I'm glad I did because I liked the brightness of the sky and road contrasting to the darkness of the barn.  I also liked the road both what it does formally as well as metaphorically.              We are addicted to moving, going to somewhere better, or maybe just different, we're leaving too, the past, our former selves.  These are constructs we have created as a modern industrialized society, they may work or they may not, we don't seem to like sitting still, even if that's just what we really need.

       I was stuck in traffic yesterday on the Mass Pike, returning from Newton, my Mom and Dad and a reunion of Claflin Elementary School, 6th grade class of 73'.  Some kids I've known since kindergarden, 1966. That's almost a half century.       We seemed to have lost track of each other,  Jr, high had 4 times as many kids, followed by Sr. high and 4 times that number.  In elementary school we went from being 5 to 12 years old; probably the most important place and time for social development next to our own family's.  It was almost surreal be part of this, and I'm still in wonder of it all.  We tend not to look back, we  discover new places and form new relationships. Seeing classmates from such a tender age, I realized how we are still the same kids we were so many years ago. We've gotten advanced degrees, married (or not) had careers, children (or not). I'm sure life has given each of us trials and tribulations, highs and lows, two of us have passed away.  Yet through all these years we are the same people, and we made it, maybe a little worn around the edges (speaking for myself), but we made it, and we are still the same kids, and that's pretty awesome.

Here is the scene from today: just stopped along the road.

#669  Center Cambridge Rd.


8 x 10


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Center Falls; finding the spot.

54  F  mostly cloudy.

      This is Center Falls Road, with a view of the bridge over the Battenkill. I chose to paint this scene because I liked the way the road created a diagonal across the panel and was supported by the diagonal shapes  of the river, driveway and other minor elements, maybe this is considered feng shui, but I just think it felt right. I like the subject; as you know bridges, and rivers and roads are great metaphors, but I also liked what I could do with the arrangement of shapes on the format of a rectangle, the colors/values and textures, in relation to each other. These formal aspects of the work are not to be neglected, so when I'm looking for a scene to paint I'm looking for a arraignment of form as well as a place, and of course it will only be this way for a short time before the light moves and changes everything.

   Here is the scene, it feels like I'm farther back than I was, but that's the camera, and it tells a different story.

I drive around looking for a potential scene, so much of how the world looks is dependant on light and shadow, that's what I need.  In this scene there is a view of some far-off hills and a farm more mid-distance, but because it's cloudy, the foreground and the background are not as distinctly different to each other as they would be on a clear day, and the big sky would benefit some clouds. I painted from here before on such a day in August. (#590 Cambridge-Battenville Rd. 8-4-15)

Just 100 yards down from the previous photo is this scene, still not enough contrast, not enough darks, and just not what I wanted.

At the end of it all I'm here, at the supermarket to get groceries!

Today's "Money Shot"

#668 Center Falls Rd.




This was yesterday, today is an extra special day, 1st, it's my birthday, I'm 54! 2nd is a reunion of Claflin elementary school in Newton, MA.  I'll be driving down soon, and see Mom, Dad, and my sister, Liz.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Buskirk on Thanksgiving

50  F  mostly cloudy.

Today is Thanksgiving, a day to eat turkey, and hang out with family and friends, but first, paint!

#667 Hoosic River @ Buskirk



The sky was pretty cloudy, so my hunch: water would have something I could sink my teeth into. I wandered over here. Indeed, the water was like glass when I started, and this scene was familiar to me, with this being Thanksgiving why not embrace tradition.

I started with the darks, the red of the bridge, needed to go with them, otherwise, it wouldn't know where to be and that's not good.

Pulling some of the lighter tones out of the dark.

This painting is for sale, $425, please e-mail me if you'd like it.

The "Money Shot" from today.

Here we are celebrating Thanksgiving with a flock of turkeys, Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pook's at last light, the airport, and a nocturn, my first!

42  F  mostly sunny.
This is the airport (flying club).  My previous effort ended suddenly when the light completely changed,(more on this later).

#665  Airport, Plains Rd.



 I liked the brightness reflecting off the buildings but I knew this would be lightning quick; I had my pallet going and I worked very small.

 I'm looking into the sun.

 About 1 1/2 hours before, I had found this scene, it's the Battenkill, and there is a road bridge next to this rail bridge, this place is known as "Pook's".

I was moving along on  this is 11x14 panel, but the sun would soon be gone.

This is about 40 minutes after I started, and as you can see the light left.

This is where I stopped, I maybe wasn't finished, but was lost without the light.

#664  Battenkill @ Pook's



I did it! my first nocturn, right out back, something I've been wanting to do for a while, and with the moon full, there was a lot to see.

I'm not happy with the result, but that doesn't matter, the first time trying something new is very often the hardest, just to get in the door, and over the unknown.  I wanted to paint the snow at night last winter, and with such short days having this option could be fun!

Happy thanksgiving to all!

#666  Outback



Monday, November 23, 2015

Railroad Ave.cold and bright.

45  F  sunny a little wind.
It was chilly, but bright, it seems like a deal with the devil; with some of the most beautiful light, you give up warmth, but this ain't nothin' yet.

#663  Railroad Ave.



This is the old Agway building, beyond that is the old passenger station and the freight yard, now part of Hubbard Hall, our home-grown arts center. On the left is the food co-op, and behind the building on the far right is the bookstore and the Roundhouse Cafe'.  Art and food what more do you need?

There was light, and it was on my panel, but not much so it proves that there are no absolute rules about any of this.

The shadow on the panel is my camera and hand.

The "Money Shot"

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dunbar Rd.; a sign of the times; more out the door.

45  F  mostly cloudy, a little wind.
I was tired and had to push myself out the door before the day's end. There was a little light under the clouds, and I found a place with some farm stuff and a little distant blue in the sky.

#662  Dunbar Rd.



Here is how it started.  The contrast was dramatic, there was blue in the sky and  a blue tarp, which I thought would keep the sentimental at bay, but  I'm not sure if that happened.

The Money Shot from today.

Earlier in the day I installed the sign frame for my new sign. I made this from ceder 4x4's recycled from the swing set out grown by two sets of Chinian girls, mine and my older brother's.  I'll put up the sign when my vinyl letters get here.

Later I finished assembling, framing and packed up these 18 paintings for an upcoming group show. It's called  "A Barn Full of  Art" and is at the Whiting Studio Gallery,  105 Holmes Rd., Argyle NY, 12809  It opens Friday evening 11-27-15 from 6-8 P.M.  and continues Saturday and Sunday from 10-6 P.M.

Turnpike @ midday.

50  F  mostly sunny.
It's been quite a ride, this blog; painting and all that life in between. I chanced to chat with a gentleman, a pretty famous writer and blogger when getting coffee this morning. He took a little look at this blog and had a few ideas, so if things start to look a little different, that's a good thing, right?

#661 Turnpike Rd.



Down the road, in between a grey morning with Hope sleeping in, and picking up Emma from her friends house, if I had more time I would ruin it.

I'm liking scenes with severe darks and lights, so grey days are "why paint" (well sort of).

The green, or what's left of it, holds a mid to light tone in terms of value, so the dark can be dark.

The tone of the panel was dark, but I needed it even darker, at this point all I need is just a few details, just a few...

Here we are, the "Money Shot" for today.

Cars can go fast on Turnpike, but there isn't that much traffic, I must  park completely off the pavement, and some places the shoulder won't accommodate.  In finding a scene like this, I will pull over and walk around, then move the van to the spot.


Friday, November 20, 2015

Crossing the Hudson

50  F  sunny

I had to cross the Hudson today, so on my way back I stopped at Ft. Hardy Park in Schuylerville.

#660 Hudson River @ Ft. Hardy Park.



My scene, I wasn't sure about the trailer, but there it was.

Grass and sky.

I love the shadows on the piers, but they can be temperamental.

The shapes are very graphic in this scene, contrast to the fuzziness of the trees.

There were a few things that push it away from being a black and white pattern, a few subtleties and a few trees.

The truck came on to the scene, and I just painted around it.

This place is very historic.

There is a lot of competition for your eyes, if you look at the obvious, you might miss some interesting things.