Saturday, November 14, 2015

A grey day a bright opening,

36  F  cloudy.
My heartfelt prayers for those that died and those they left behind in Paris yesterday. Our world is indeed a violent and dangerous place and sadly another tragedy will  happen, over and over.  I have no solutions no great ideas on how to solve any of it, so this cold and grey morning, I went out and painted.

#656 Cobble Rd. from rte 60.



   Here is my scene at the start, I had the morning, and as predicted was very overcast, after all it's November!  

  The sky and the road.

 I actually like the color, so subdued, at this time of year, and the road is a key in.

                                                              Sight-size shot.

The opening was in the afternoon, there was a steady stream of visitors and I enjoyed seeing familiar faces and meeting a lot of people.


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