Saturday, November 28, 2015

Center Falls; finding the spot.

54  F  mostly cloudy.

      This is Center Falls Road, with a view of the bridge over the Battenkill. I chose to paint this scene because I liked the way the road created a diagonal across the panel and was supported by the diagonal shapes  of the river, driveway and other minor elements, maybe this is considered feng shui, but I just think it felt right. I like the subject; as you know bridges, and rivers and roads are great metaphors, but I also liked what I could do with the arrangement of shapes on the format of a rectangle, the colors/values and textures, in relation to each other. These formal aspects of the work are not to be neglected, so when I'm looking for a scene to paint I'm looking for a arraignment of form as well as a place, and of course it will only be this way for a short time before the light moves and changes everything.

   Here is the scene, it feels like I'm farther back than I was, but that's the camera, and it tells a different story.

I drive around looking for a potential scene, so much of how the world looks is dependant on light and shadow, that's what I need.  In this scene there is a view of some far-off hills and a farm more mid-distance, but because it's cloudy, the foreground and the background are not as distinctly different to each other as they would be on a clear day, and the big sky would benefit some clouds. I painted from here before on such a day in August. (#590 Cambridge-Battenville Rd. 8-4-15)

Just 100 yards down from the previous photo is this scene, still not enough contrast, not enough darks, and just not what I wanted.

At the end of it all I'm here, at the supermarket to get groceries!

Today's "Money Shot"

#668 Center Falls Rd.




This was yesterday, today is an extra special day, 1st, it's my birthday, I'm 54! 2nd is a reunion of Claflin elementary school in Newton, MA.  I'll be driving down soon, and see Mom, Dad, and my sister, Liz.

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