Sunday, November 22, 2015

Dunbar Rd.; a sign of the times; more out the door.

45  F  mostly cloudy, a little wind.
I was tired and had to push myself out the door before the day's end. There was a little light under the clouds, and I found a place with some farm stuff and a little distant blue in the sky.

#662  Dunbar Rd.



Here is how it started.  The contrast was dramatic, there was blue in the sky and  a blue tarp, which I thought would keep the sentimental at bay, but  I'm not sure if that happened.

The Money Shot from today.

Earlier in the day I installed the sign frame for my new sign. I made this from ceder 4x4's recycled from the swing set out grown by two sets of Chinian girls, mine and my older brother's.  I'll put up the sign when my vinyl letters get here.

Later I finished assembling, framing and packed up these 18 paintings for an upcoming group show. It's called  "A Barn Full of  Art" and is at the Whiting Studio Gallery,  105 Holmes Rd., Argyle NY, 12809  It opens Friday evening 11-27-15 from 6-8 P.M.  and continues Saturday and Sunday from 10-6 P.M.

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