Sunday, November 15, 2015

Finding a spot: 3 times; the charm.

45  F  mostly sunny.
Today I spent a lot of time to get to this place. A rail trestle bridge that spans the Battenkill just south of Middle Falls.

#657 Trestle bridge, Middle Falls.



This is the scene, I've noticed this bridge from driving on state route 29 in Middle Falls,  just North-West from Greenwich.

This is the gravel yard, also visible from the road, nobody was around, it was Sunday.

Here is the hidden cemetery.

 Here is the entrance along Route 29.

Before I got here I stopped at another spot to find a way down to the other side of the river, I hiked in along a path, and it was a beautiful spot, but I couldn't get a grip on a scene, so I did something I never do: turn around and walk back. Usually if I spent 15 minutes hiking in, I'll paint there weather I like it or not, and this time I didn't.

Here I'm at the railyard in Greenwich, I wanted to find a scene here, but it also didn't work and I'm not sure why. I'll try another day.

I liked this, but I wanted to get farther back, and I couldn't.

Back in Galesville.

I liked the prominence of the landscape, the bridge supporting,not overwhelming the scene.

The Money Shot.

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