Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Preparing for the show: frames, price list and a statement. Southern Vermont Arts Center, Manchester, Vt. Saturday, 2-4 PM.

52  F cloudy.
I've been getting ready for my solo show at the Southern Vermont Arts Center in Manchester. Installation is tomorrow, the opening is Saturday, 2-4,  If you're around please stop by and chat.

I put up paintings and try to get a show that makes sense, by the time I'm done agonizing about what should be shouldn't be included, I think maybe I should have picked them blind.

I bought a lot of simple wood frames from here:
They are reasonably priced and available in custom sizes, I put a coat of polyurethane on some and the rest I paint black.

They get a coat of red primer.

Then satin black spray paint. I like that they're simple and all the same, and they set off the paintings well.

Here is my statement;

 Matt Chinian

     Some old statement: Me. Never, not often, aware of the exact time, or when the rods and cones of my eyeballs will see, do they have to; to actually see?  My vision has gotten a little fuzzy since when, my parents once called me “Eagle Eyes” because I found mom’s lost earring in the pine needles of the driveway; a Cape Cod summer rental, with fire engine red trim in a mocking Swiss chalet style.   But I think it’s better now. Who needs that much detail? That much information?  Alas the clouds creep in, and it’s quiet, Ollie is sleeping and the drip of the faucet, well, is just slightly annoying. When I get out of this chair, at the kitchen table I will stop the drip and go piss. Ollie will get up and beg a treat and I, again where to? Moving boxes endlessly from one room to another, swiping the card then re-filling, an endless cycle, the drum beat of the dryer before it goes buzz. By the end of the day I will doze off with the lap top open and the T.V. on, dusk will creep under my lids, creek up the stairs, change, piss again, and fold into bed, this day will end, the dream I awake with; what will that be?

Who said I had to write a normal statement anyway?

As always, thanks for reading my blog, I'll post photos of the installation as soon as possible.

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