Monday, November 23, 2015

Railroad Ave.cold and bright.

45  F  sunny a little wind.
It was chilly, but bright, it seems like a deal with the devil; with some of the most beautiful light, you give up warmth, but this ain't nothin' yet.

#663  Railroad Ave.



This is the old Agway building, beyond that is the old passenger station and the freight yard, now part of Hubbard Hall, our home-grown arts center. On the left is the food co-op, and behind the building on the far right is the bookstore and the Roundhouse Cafe'.  Art and food what more do you need?

There was light, and it was on my panel, but not much so it proves that there are no absolute rules about any of this.

The shadow on the panel is my camera and hand.

The "Money Shot"

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