Sunday, November 22, 2015

Turnpike @ midday.

50  F  mostly sunny.
It's been quite a ride, this blog; painting and all that life in between. I chanced to chat with a gentleman, a pretty famous writer and blogger when getting coffee this morning. He took a little look at this blog and had a few ideas, so if things start to look a little different, that's a good thing, right?

#661 Turnpike Rd.



Down the road, in between a grey morning with Hope sleeping in, and picking up Emma from her friends house, if I had more time I would ruin it.

I'm liking scenes with severe darks and lights, so grey days are "why paint" (well sort of).

The green, or what's left of it, holds a mid to light tone in terms of value, so the dark can be dark.

The tone of the panel was dark, but I needed it even darker, at this point all I need is just a few details, just a few...

Here we are, the "Money Shot" for today.

Cars can go fast on Turnpike, but there isn't that much traffic, I must  park completely off the pavement, and some places the shoulder won't accommodate.  In finding a scene like this, I will pull over and walk around, then move the van to the spot.


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