Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Workin' on the rail road; Eagle Bridge to Greenwich.

62  F  sunny!
This is from yesterday, I wanted to get a view of this road bridge,  so I went down to this spot I had discovered last year, it's where the Owlkill crosses the rail track and the road bridge, and there is an easy (sort of) path down to it.

#651  Route 67 bridge, Eagle Bridge.



It was a little scramble up to the rail bed, and even though no trains came by, I wanted to set up off the track.

I still get myself lost in indiscriminate smudges of paint, or so they seem.

While driving by, I got a glimpse of some sunlight falling on the concrete piers, but that proved elusive, and my piers, were less than stellar.

Money Shot.

Sight-size shot.

A bit awkward, but it works.

They say to do something you're afraid of every day......

Today I ended up in the rail yard in greenwich, a place I've been by many times but never explored.

There were some 1/2 decent shadows, you can also see in this photo where I scratched out the grain tower after I filled in the sky.

Again I'm lost, there is so much stuff out there it's often impossible to keep it under control.

I'd prefer to have the light not directly on my panel, but today I really liked this scene.

#652  Railyard, Greenwich, NY.



The Money Shot for today, there was a shade of dark green that I should have scraped off, I fought it back with some alizarine.

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