Sunday, December 6, 2015

A silo, an endorsement, and Ollie's worst day.

36 F  partly hazy.
        I found this scene on Mahaffy Rd, in Greenwich, and it was good to get the paint flowing.  It's been a bit crazy around here with the open studio yesterday, and the preparations up to it.

This is the "after" photo of the studio, I had a lot of visitors and a good number got paintings, some from the stacks, so I switched out frames and moved paintings around to see the work.  There was a lot of nice conversations and I'm grateful and exhausted!

I also had a visit from Jon Katz, who generously featured me in his blog,the link is here:

Ollie had come with me painting, when we got home, this is who we found!  I had resisted getting a cat for a long time, as you can see I broke down. We haven't given her a name, yet, maybe she'll choose her own.

So back to the scene, after all this is a painting blog, and there really should not be any cats! When ai stopped here I really liked the silos, but I wasn't sure where the picture should, I liked the road and power line, but that with the silo(s) would be too much in the picture, both formally as in too many shapes, and too much of a story, so I chose to have one edge on the short silo and the other  to the right of the far hill.

The "Money Shot" from today.

#671 Mahaffy Rd. Greenwich, NY.




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