Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Another day another show: South Street Cafe', Bennington, Vt.

45  F  rain

           I just put this show up at the South Street Cafe' and Bakery in Bennington, Vermont. It's on South St, just South of four corners and the clock downtown, so if you want a good cup of coffee, and your in Bennington, check it out. It'll be until the end of January, 2016, here is there Facebook page:

This show was scheduled almost a year ago, for some reason I scrambled to get it together in the last 24 hours. I don't know why that happened, I guess it's just in  my nature.

I've said I'd show anywhere and I meant it, but I think I'm reconsidering that, it's just so much time and energy. We'll see if any sales come from this, I've done lots of shows that had no sales at all.  Still it's real estate and a lot of people will see my work, so that's good, right? This Saturday is another open studio, where I'll open my space to the public to show and hopefully sell some paintings, of course I haven't gotten that together, yet......

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