Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Bunker Hill Rd. record warm.

53  F  mostly cloudy

     After taking care of a Christmas surprise that I can't mention because nothing on the internet can be a surprise, so after that, I wandered around a lot in my van, and found this scene, I liked the light in the pond, and the far hills, the road was quiet and wide enough to pull over safely.  The day was mostly cloudy with a few moments thinning clouds and sun.

 Here is the scene, at it's best, there is way too much green for this almost Christmas day.

When I look at the lights they really pop out against everything else, when I look at the darks, they don't so much.

My spot. Ollie was with me, for the first 20 minutes there were two dogs barking their heads off, they must have gotten tired or bored and they finally stopped.

Today's "Money Shot"

#683  Bunker Hill Rd., Salem.



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