Friday, December 11, 2015

Champlain Canal Lock #6 Ft. Miller, NY.

42, sun then clouds

     I do this all the time, go to a place, and it's a cool place with a lot of potential, and I try and "fit" as much stuff into the picture as I can.  Part is the sense of obligation, after burning a gallon of gas, I feel like I have to paint something iconic of that place.  Here I wanted the lock, some water, the bright light off the pump house, and of course the truss bridge. So tasked with that,(by me?) I'm thinking I may have missed a better, simpler picture.  Sometimes I think that I have to get through certain paintings so that I can move on to the next, like I have to get them out of my system.  I also like a good challenge, and to see what comes of it. I know full well that I may have to to a lot of similar paintings before Ifeel like I'n getting it, whatever that means.

        Here is my scene, when I started I had full sun, giving me some great contrast but it was glaring off my panel, making it hard to see,  I've done that enough times that I know how to just deal with it.

By the end of the session, my light had gone.

"Sight-Size"  shot.

#675 Champlain Canal Lock #6 Ft. Edward, NY




When we got to the Lock, me and Ollie walked all around it to scope out painting scenes.

This is the place where the canal meets the open run of the Hudson.

The lock is closed up for the season. not much happening.

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