Saturday, December 19, 2015

Content Farm Rd.: winter is here (I think!)

32  F  some sun early.

       The first light came barely noticeable, the roof of the barn, dark blue against the still black sky, but light enough, that yes it was snow.  The first dusting, always a little special, a glimpse of the world as it may be.  The real surprise of the morning was the lack of the predicted cloud cover.  Content Farm Rd. is around the block from my house and I paint here often, I found the corn field stubble and the road, their shapes lured me in, the subtleties of the woods in back kept me there.

My "tone" on the panel was right in there with the scene.

Getting closer....

This was about an hour or so.

#679 Content Farm Rd.



This is my scene at the start.

Sight-size shot. The panel was in the shade of my van and it worked out.

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