Monday, December 7, 2015

Down by the hydro plant, Greenwich. Numerology.

42  F  a little haze.

        Numbers are all around, some of us are ruled by them, others ignore them at their own peril, but they're here to stay.  I reached one hundred thousand "page views" for this blog in just under 3 years, with 567 posts.  I've done 672 paintings all outside on location, that's since my "reboot" when I started the count, I had quite a lot of painting, drawing and sculpture in a previous life. But if numbers are just numbers, why are there 4 horsemen of the apocalypse? 12 apostles? we have 2 hands with 10 fingers, or so most of us were born.  Money is probably the most important numerical system in the world and in your pocket, most of us need it to buy food clothing and shelter, people kill for it, people die because of it. he days go by; the sun comes up in the morning and goes down a few minutes earlier than the day before, at least until the solstice.  I sold a few paintings recently and it was good.  I can pay some bills and buy supplies. It also signifies a measure of legitimacy, an ego boost, and confidence builder: I'll take it. I've paid a lot of dues, gotten through countless rejections,  searched my soul.  I've re-invented myself a number of times, worked for years off task,  and learned a lot about a lot of things, not rocket science, but with my hands.  I know the highs and lows of making art, the highs without external success and lows with it.  I will wallow again in self doubt and existential angst over art and the world,  these things can't be measured with numbers, they can't be hired out. Tomorrow, if all is OK I'll wake up and go out into the landscape, there is a lot of it out there and somebody's got to paint it.

#672 Battenkill @ hydro dam, Greenwich.




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