Thursday, December 31, 2015

Eagle Bridge Rail Yard; Farewell to 2015!

34 F  mostly cloudy.

            It's been cloudy, rainy and generally miserable these last few days of 2015, although a little snow brightens the place up a bit.  This morning there were a few short moments when the sun came out; I drove south from Cambridge to Eagle Bridge where I found a clearing and it was bright blue, from the rail yard in Eagle Bridge, off route 67.

Here is the scene at the start, my patch of blue would not last.  At first I liked the scene in part because there was a train moving around the yard, and I found this, and liked the zig-zag pattern.  There was a lot of stuff, like the signals, poles, structures, etc, but they seemed like so much noise in front of the scrubbie quality of the trees.  Once I dug into it, I found the strong patterns that I rely on; diagonals, triangles and zig-zags.  At the end of the day all I have is an abstract arrangement of line/edge and shape, maybe with a little color, the subject may be of interest, but if it doesn't work formally it really doesn't work.

 The "Money Shot" from today.  The sky made a big difference in the overall composition, although I missed on the blue.

#686 Eagle Bridge Rail Yard



My spot, right in the middle of bustling Eagle Bridge!

That's 228 paintings for 2015.

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