Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hoosic River @ Schaghticoke.

46  F  partly cloudy.

     It's been unusually warm these early days of December, and today I managed to get out during the sunny part of a mostly cloudy day.  I use the excuse of picking up chicken feed at the
Agway in Schaghticoke, there are a lot cool things down there, this part of the Hoosic River, with the RR bridge a causeway, and the grain silos.
When I snapped this shot, the light had gone, and the water went from being glass like (when I first came upon the scene). Had it been like this at the start I wouldn't have painted here, most of the time I had good light.

This photo was taken after about 20 minutes, I was able to really hustle and get the large areas in, this to me is crucial because the light changes and I'm playing one tone against the next, I can't change one without changing them all, of course I do, but well maybe a little.

I added some of the trees that were blocking my view, I liked what they did with the scene.

#673 Hoosic River @ Schaghticoke.




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The RR crossing (and dog!)

The train going by, I love the rumble and the ground shaking!

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