Thursday, December 24, 2015

Out back, on Christmas Eve.

68  F  mostly cloudy
Christmas at the Chinian's 

   Today is Christmas Eve.  I walked out back and painted, but it wasn't all that inspired, it's warm and cloudy, even though there was some nice filtered light off the creek.  We're prepared for our family holiday, the girls don't pretend to believe in Santa, witch for the last decade or so proved to be the best part of being a Dad, that's OK, I  believe in Santa, even if they don't.  The tree is up and the presents are under it, Alane is making dinner and we're going to have a bonfire,  a Christmas first.

    I wish all my readers, your families and loved ones the happiest of holidays no matter what you celebrate.  I hope for the world that we will talk with each other and learn to live together in peace and prosperity, a tall order given the way the world seems to be, we can each do our share to increase meaningful dialogue and tolerance, every day, in every way

Today's paint.

#684 Outback  12-24-15  8x10

Today's scene......

Today's spot.

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