Monday, December 28, 2015

Rich Rd. the winter is here!

25 F   sunny a little windy

    I love Christmas, but it's always nice to get back to paint and I had a nice sunny morning.  It was also cold and windy, so I bundled up and drove around without any idea of what I wanted to paint. I came across this scene, in Shushan.

#685  Rich Rd, 12-28-15  11x14

There were nice shadows, although I didn't like the tree in front of the barn, with it's wispy lightness.

My tone was close to the middle value, and that made the shadow and the lights quicker to get, but the paint got thick and I had to use a medium of stand oil, damar and turpentine.  Nonetheless the world in the cold is so different.

The weather felt more like December, including the wind, which always just cuts right though. I had gloves. but it's time to pull out my real heavy winter boots, because my feet got cold.

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