Sunday, December 20, 2015

Scotch Hill and a Dam!

34  F a little wind, sun to clouds.

    I found this scene on one of my favorite roads; Scotch Hill, near Reafield Farm Rd. There was something about the empty wagons, the way they can be seen through and almost disappear into the landscape, and yet they had strong shadows.

     The color of sky with the clouds was pretty cool too.

#680  Scotch Hill Rd.



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    It was chilly, but still sunny when I finished, and I was feeling like if I didn't do a double-header, I'd regret it, with the cloudy and rainy weather we've been having.  It was only a mile or so to East Greenwich and the Battenkill.

This is what I found, I'm standing along an old dam, and I think it's considered "in" the river, so I thought why not?

The sun had been coming and going behind large clouds, but I was well aware to get the shadows and bright lights when I had them.

I would never have it so bright as the first twenty minutes or so, on and off, with the clouds, of course.

By the time I took the Money Shot, the sky was totally overcast.

My spot was in the ruins of the old dam.

Ollie wandered over the bridge and was on the other side of the river trying to dig some animal out of a hole, I'm not sure how he got over there without me noticing, he returned after my insistence.

        #681  Battenkill @ E. Greenwich   12-20-15   9x12

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