Wednesday, December 16, 2015

So much for the sun, Maxwell Rd, and Casey Rd.

42  F  sun, clouds, then more sun.

     #678  Casey Rd, Schaghticoke, NY.  12-16-15   9x12.   The day started out with some sun, and a forecast for sun all day, that wasn't meant to be.  I went out in the morning, and threw some paint down, not the one above, the next one. I couldn't decide what I wanted: a process of diminishing returns, the light would be gone even sooner after I actually started.  So I keep that in mind, it's a process, an adventure, maybe the painting will be good, but I may not know that, I may not even recognise it, at least at first.   I've made myself a few rules, and I've stuck by them; paint from life,  set up sight size, keep the same pallet. When it's over it's done and go onto the next.  I often bemoan my own rules, but I don't see them changing anytime soon, even though I do reserve  the right.  I also have some rituals.  I pack my panels, my pack (with paint and brushes, water, coffee,)  my easel. I like to have the option to hike off away from the van, so one carry is best.  I never go on private land, I'll park off the road a reasonable distance from houses, and not block any driveways.  Often finding the right scene to paint is finding the place to park, and a lot of places I can't or won't park.  I stopped today near the feed plant, it's on the "other" side of the tracks, after school was out and there were a lot of people around, I'm sure it would have been fine, but I wanted to be alone, so I moved along.

This was the back yard this morning, before I went out, there were nice shadows and the light on the far hill through the trees in the middle ground made the scene "paintable" but I didn't.

I drove around more than I'm willing to admit, but I found some nice light and a good composition, it was quick.

#677 Maxwell Rd.



I was able to get the very dark shadow in at the start when I had it, then I didn't back track and go and change it when I lost the light.

Back to the end of the day........

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